Your best brand asset is understanding yourself!
No matter what your career development stage is, it’s important to evaluate your personal goals, strengths, weaknesses and passion to keep your career ambitions in line with your personality, capability and interests.
Many young adults primarily value their immediate income potential; others prioritize work-life balance whereas many ride on potential employer’s brand not minding much about building their individual brand.
One must decide what is most important to self in both short- and long-term career development goals.
It is very okay to have different ambitions. What matters most is to know who you are and what you want to be.
There are many ways to identify what motivates you. Personality tests, career centers, your values, employers, teachers, friends and family can help one evaluate self potential and interests.
By focusing on what makes you feel happy plus your technical capabilities can develop a long, healthy and rewarding career derived from understanding of what truly makes you tick. For instance, engaging a passionate artist in a number crunching job because he scored highly in mathematics or accounts can result in unhappy, unsatisfying and unproductive workplace environments, even if salary levels and benefits packages look appealing.
If you have behaved unfavorably or have made work-related mistakes, such as overreacting, nitpicking or blaming others, self-awareness can help you acknowledge your mistakes and move forward with improved work strategies, according to “Forbes.”
It is never too late to focus. For those that have got an opportunity to be exposed in your early years, don’t underestimate the opportunity.