1. Charlie’s creativity 
Exceptional leaders question why things are the way they are. They create a vision that challenges the status quo and try new ideas and fresh approaches to achieving it.
leader 2
We’ve taken the head of Charlie, founder of MAC-UK, for our perfect leader. Charlie (aka Wonder Woman) shook up the way mental healthcare is delivered to young people by taking it from the clinics out into the streets.

2. Maggie’s influence
Exceptional leaders make other people want to help them. They understand people and are often warm, open and genuine, making it hard to say no or not to trust them.

We’ve taken Maggie’s arms, represented by Popeye, as she has a strong hold on people. Founder of The Big House Theatre, Maggie works intensively with young care leavers. It’s been very successful because people who’ve found it hard to trust people all their lives trust Maggie.

3. Tom’s focus on results
Exceptional leaders are smart and savvy, focused on what’s important to achieving the best results and change their approach when needed.

We’ve taken Tom’s body, represented by Superman as Tom’s core strength means he always gets a difficult job done. Tom has scaledEnabling Enterprise across the UK in less than five years, keeping them focused on delivering high quality, practical enterprise programmes for schools.

4. Celesta’s courage
Exceptional leaders confront stormy seas head on. They’ll make tough calls and take big risks to reach their destination.

We’ve taken Celesta’s legs, represented by Incredible Hulk as she smashes through barriers in her way. Celesta, founder of Product of Prison, works in one of the world’s toughest places, Ugandan prisons. She’s stuck with it and runs projects across the country changing prisoners’ lives.

5. Nikki’s desire to grow
Exceptional leaders are restless, striving to continually improve themselves. But one thing always stays the same – they’re true to themselves all the time.

We’ve taken Nikki’s feet, represented by Spiderman as she always looks to jump higher. Founder of Hao2, Nikki’s a successful social entrepreneur, using tech to transform the lives of young people with autism. Yet Nikki’s always looking to develop, jumping at every opportunity we offer.

For us, combining these parts of Charlie, Maggie, Tom, Celesta and Nikki makes the perfect leader. Read the full blog to find out what we consider to be the most important quality.