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Traits of a perfect leader

1. Charlie’s creativity 
Exceptional leaders question why things are the way they are. They create a vision that challenges the status quo and try new ideas and fresh approaches to achieving it.
leader 2
We’ve taken the head of Charlie, founder of MAC-UK, for our perfect leader. Charlie (aka Wonder Woman) shook up the way mental healthcare is delivered to young people by taking it from the clinics out into the streets.

2. Maggie’s influence
Exceptional leaders make other people want to help them. They understand people and are often warm, open and genuine, making it hard to say no or not to trust them.

We’ve taken Maggie’s arms, represented by Popeye, as she has a strong hold on people. Founder of The Big House Theatre, Maggie works intensively with young care leavers. It’s been very successful because people who’ve found it hard to trust people all their lives trust Maggie.

3. Tom’s focus on results
Exceptional leaders are smart and savvy, focused on what’s important to achieving the best results and change their approach when needed.

We’ve taken Tom’s body, represented by Superman as Tom’s core strength means he always gets a difficult job done. Tom has scaledEnabling Enterprise across the UK in less than five years, keeping them focused on delivering high quality, practical enterprise programmes for schools.

4. Celesta’s courage
Exceptional leaders confront stormy seas head on. They’ll make tough calls and take big risks to reach their destination.

We’ve taken Celesta’s legs, represented by Incredible Hulk as she smashes through barriers in her way. Celesta, founder of Product of Prison, works in one of the world’s toughest places, Ugandan prisons. She’s stuck with it and runs projects across the country changing prisoners’ lives.

5. Nikki’s desire to grow
Exceptional leaders are restless, striving to continually improve themselves. But one thing always stays the same – they’re true to themselves all the time.

We’ve taken Nikki’s feet, represented by Spiderman as she always looks to jump higher. Founder of Hao2, Nikki’s a successful social entrepreneur, using tech to transform the lives of young people with autism. Yet Nikki’s always looking to develop, jumping at every opportunity we offer.

For us, combining these parts of Charlie, Maggie, Tom, Celesta and Nikki makes the perfect leader. Read the full blog to find out what we consider to be the most important quality.

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Boost your professionalism through better writing skills

These days, doesn’t it seem like we’re all getting lazy with our writing? Perhaps we can blame technology. Whatever the reason, poor writing skills can really call your professionalism into question. Errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling are just the tip of the iceberg. Being overly wordy, repetitive and vague can also create the impression that you lack confidence and competence, and that can spell career disaster for any professional.

Play the critical role of a proofreader before sending out written communication. Without well-honed skills, you might miss some egregious error—or worse, insert an error of your own!

These mistakes can be embarrassing, costly and damaging to credibility, for you.

If you’ve ever worried what others are seeing in your writing,start now to explore possibilities of being a better writing professional.




Understanding your self


Your best brand asset is understanding yourself!
No matter what your career development stage is, it’s important to evaluate your personal goals, strengths, weaknesses and passion to keep your career ambitions in line with your personality, capability and interests.
Many young adults primarily value their immediate income potential; others prioritize work-life balance whereas many ride on potential employer’s brand not minding much about building their individual brand.
One must decide what is most important to self in both short- and long-term career development goals.
It is very okay to have different ambitions. What matters most is to know who you are and what you want to be.
There are many ways to identify what motivates you. Personality tests, career centers, your values, employers, teachers, friends and family can help one evaluate self potential and interests.
By focusing on what makes you feel happy plus your technical capabilities can develop a long, healthy and rewarding career derived from understanding of what truly makes you tick. For instance, engaging a passionate artist in a number crunching job because he scored highly in mathematics or accounts can result in unhappy, unsatisfying and unproductive workplace environments, even if salary levels and benefits packages look appealing.
If you have behaved unfavorably or have made work-related mistakes, such as overreacting, nitpicking or blaming others, self-awareness can help you acknowledge your mistakes and move forward with improved work strategies, according to “Forbes.”
It is never too late to focus. For those that have got an opportunity to be exposed in your early years, don’t underestimate the opportunity.




How social Media could ruin your chances of getting a job!!

fbSocial media has become one aspect of life that we can no longer live without in our society. For many social media is away to connect with so many people around the world and to others, it has become the source of entertainment. And then there is a group that uses social media to market their products/ services and also to get informed about the current happenings in the world.

But lately, there is misuse of social media around the globe and in a country where unemployment is on the increase, one would think that the unemployed are being watchful of how the society will view their acts.instagram

However, this is no longer the case as you will agree that people now days are posting anything on social media without thinking about the repercussions that come along with this. Employers today will accept your first class degree but still find time to go and see who really are. And guess what?! The best place to find out about most people in today’s world is by going through their social media. Find out how they think, what they actually do during their free time.twitter

So we advise the youth out there to use social media positively and not saying things anyhow because they feel they can. It is a free world but until it affects you!

Feel free to pitch in your thoughts!!

Traits that Entrepreneurs share

1. You are genuine

In a world where everyone wants to build their brand, be an expert, and get attention on social media, just being a genuine person is an increasingly rare quality. It’s also a huge competitive advantage, as no one wants to work with a phony. You should pursue a business if you genuinely care about solving a problem or improving people’s lives in some way. Forget about all the hype surrounding “launching a startup” and just be yourself.

2. You can take a break

Most people think that the best entrepreneurs live, eat, sleep, and breathe the business. However, it’s usually the opposite. Great business owners are typically grounded, well rested, and healthy. By taking care of yourself, you are better able to take care of your business, employees, and customers.

There are numerous ways to take a break from the business. Keep your exercise routine up, no matter how hectic your schedule gets. Hang out with friends and family. Meditate, go to a museum, take a long walk, or just put your phone aside. Any of these activities will give you the physical and emotional boost needed to make it through the tough (3)

3. You know when to cut your losses

I will be the first to admit that nothing came particularly easy to me as an entrepreneur, and I needed to persevere through some very tough times. Grit and determination are critical, but you also need to know when to cut your losses and move on. Clinging to a bad decision is a surefire way to run your business into the ground.

When something isn’t working and circumstances are stacked against you, it’s best to stop, change gears, and move forward in a different direction. After all, the best decision is the one that works, not necessarily the first one.

4. You don’t know everything

The most successful entrepreneurs aren’t know-it-alls. They aren’t even the smartest people. So how do they do it? They know when to ask for help and surround themselves with smart, talented people.

Some entrepreneurs may think they have no weak points, but it’s simply not possible to be an expert in all things. The key is to identify where your weaknesses are: operations, sales, marketing, employee management, etc. Then rely on someone else for those areas. Remember, you don’t have to be a financial guru to hire a great accountant or CFO.

5. You can say no

When you are new to entrepreneurship, it is tempting to go for any and every opportunity that comes your way, whether it’s a last-minute client request or new potential market. However, success doesn’t come from taking on everything, but rather your ability to prioritize all of these opportunities. As Steve Jobs said, “I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying ‘no’ to 1,000 things.”

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Management of Human Resorce

Your the manager of a company and allover a sudden an employ requests to go and attend to a personal emergency. However, the very person is the person who is to earn you your biggest pay of the year.

As a manager how would you go about solving such a crisis??

Start Up businesses

So we have all heard about start up companies. For those that have not yet, a start up company is a small company that is not operating at full scale. Many of you own start ups and are either directly owning one or involved in (2)

Today or this week, our interest is to trigger your minds into finding out why some or most of these start ups fail. What could be some of the reasons?



We would like to know what exactly causes the people who are qualified to fail to get jobs after so many years!!

Feel free to share with us your thoughts..

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